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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why Voting is Important!

The Recalls have been completed and the trolls abound with their concern over their people not being Recalled correctly....How dare anyone challenge their people? Why did we vote or not vote last time? Did we vote for change? Or should we vote for really important issues?

Lawrence (The Last Word) discusses the importance of voting for the right reasons and that is for the power that directs the debate and how that debate may determine your future. My neighbor has worked for American Airlines for well over 20+ years and courtesy of the reorganization of American Airline in a structured Bankruptcy may lose retirement benefits. Who is watching out for her? More recently the FAA legislation that dis-empowers Unions further and helps the likes of Bain to Raid Pensions easier. Those who voted in this new breed of Republican need to decide what is important...Pensions, Social Security, Medicare, Badger Care, Jobs....Why did the likes of Ron Johnson replace Russ Feingold as our Senator and then do nothing for Wisconsin except block key appointments and legislation put forth by the President. Those appointments determine your future..."SuperPacs" were determined because Al Gore's election was stolen and now we need tons of cash to offset the Republican Greed that seems to be apparent at every level of government.

My question to you...Can WE THE PEOPLE generate the votes we need without SuperPac influences? Can WE THE PEOPLE hold their noses for an election cycle and then correct the error that Citizens United created and then make changes in the US Senate to assure majority vote and not Super Majority votes to get the business done that directly affects you and me.

Russ Feingold is against the SuperPac of the President and, in principle; I would agree with Russ on this. On the other hand it is the current Law of the Land. And although in my mind this is not ethical even though it is law; I believe when one goes into battle one does not use fists when the other side is bringing in chains and tire irons.

Voting matters and winning matters. It is time to evaluate and debate. Will money interest take over completely or will it be necessary to fight back with the new tools available and then push back the ridiculous Corporate Personhood after the fight is won?

Lastly---How does this statement about Voting Importance from Lawrence apply to SuperPacs? It has to do with your vote and will it be counted, coerced or suppressed? Will you keep an open mind when SuperPacs dominate the election scene? Watch the Video and then Decide.

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