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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dear Anonymous Who Cannot Stick to the Topic

Dear Anonymous Who Cannot Stick to the Topic:

I am giving you a voice--but, I am trying to discuss the Circuit Court Judge election. If only you had a name? You are not the guy in the Guy Fawkes mask are you? I know you are one of the 99% -- even if you don’t. I want to prove I have a reader! My response is at the end. I reformatted a little to respond to your main points although I was still not sure what they were. V

AnonymousMar 20, 2012 09:08 PM

"Didn't you plead guilty/ no contest to "Fail/Display Vehicle License Plates" and "Operating motor vehicle w/o proof of insurance" in 2011? I suppose I see why you are so willing to defend Hogue's tickets and his blatantdisregardforthelaw.

I'm really surprised a woman takes such a strong stance against another woman for Judge.

McCory's "trial experience" is a matter of argument. She does put into action restraining orders, initial divorce preceding, visitation rights for parents and many other issues just as Willliam Rentz does who is another Court Commissioner. In fact I believe it is entirely possible to go through a divorce case and never once set foot inside a "Judge's courtroom." Now where has Jack Hoag ever done anything like what McCory does as part of her job?

Did you know in the State of Wisconsin it is not a requirement to pass the Bar Exam to practice law? If you don't believe me just ask Duffy Dillon who made this statement and who is also a supporter of Jack Hoag.

Your belief of the City Counsel being non-partisan is beyond naive.

Now Russ Steeber is an obviously liberal based individual that has the primary interest of Janesville at heart and executes it to the best of his ability.

Sam and Yuri are both extreme liberals looking for higher office and the City Counsel was just a stepping stone to boast their public service while riding on the anti-Walker train.

I couldn't help pointing this out since there is a "Yuri Rashkin link” on the side of this blog.

I used to consider myself a liberal voter but then came people like Sam Liebert, Yuri Rashkin, and many more that want everything for nothing. Welfare, WIC, Food stamps, Medicare, and many other programs’ spending are way out of control. I don't even want to hear the "big business hates the average Joe" argument because my whole line of work revolves around big business giving the average person breaks, deals, and even free items.

I unfortunately run into a lot of unintelligent people that do not take up these offers and then complain they are getting the short end of the stick in life. I have jokingly called it the “Lazy Liberal Syndrome.”

I have recently re-associated myself as an independent as I can no longer associate myself as a liberal that wants everything handed out on a silver platter.

I work hard at my job to be the best I can be and will put in more than my fair share to help my fellow employees and my company achieve success even when my company is obviously a conservative supporter as are almost all businesses. I have obtained more than most people ever will in their lifetime when I only graduated from high school and learned everything else in the journey through life which includes do not even bother to argue with a woman even when you and her both know she is wrong."

Dear Anonymous:

My goodness, you are a very good at distractions, arent' you?

But,I love distractions! And, I love you! I really, really do. Thank you for your kind letter. I don't know what it has to do with the Circuit Court Judge election, but I have a committee trying to decode it. On to those distractions!

DISTRACTION #1: My History of Traffic Violations

Really? We are talking about traffic violations! St. Vibiana! MY traffic violations! You may be confused--I am not running for public office. But, I confess! Please check other states—I travel a lot! Does this make me a criminal? That would be exciting! Well, let's see: we are coming out of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. But, hey! Big news! Jack Hoag & I have had traffic violations!

This implies a blatant disregard for the law? Mmmmm? Don't think so! Now, Wall Street Banksters--those folks have a blatant disregard for the law. And, they didn’t even get tickets, or fines, or charges or… Why are people so worried about the compensation packages of public employees but not the Banksters? Oh, that was a distraction!

DISTRACTION #2: Voting According to Genitalia and Chromosome

My dear sir or madam, are you saying you vote for people who share the same genitalia and chromosomes as yourself? And, you therefore think I would do the same? You think I would vote for people BECAUSE they have vaginas? You are surprised that I am against a candidate because she has a vagina? Well, all I can say is that I find that shocking! Simply shocking! I am sending you a copy of "Miss Manners" forthwith!

My dear, I do, however vote for the candidate that I think will be best FOR women, and children, and men and families.

DISTRACTION #3 Experience in One Area Compensates for a Lack of Overall Vital Experience

No, it doesn’t. Ms. McCrory's "trial" experience is not up for debate or interpretation. She has no criminal court experience and has never tried a case before a jury at all. You are more than welcome to support her--but, I think you should do so on the facts. JMNHO.

DISTRACTION #4 Practicing Law Without Passing the Bar--a red herring my dear Anonymous. You are obviously trying to imply that Mr. Hoag hasn't passed the bar. Or, are you? I have no idea what you are saying or implying.

DISTRACTION#5 City Council

Are you familiar with "sarcasm?" Sarcasm is "a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter jibe or taunt", usually conveyed through irony or understatement. I love Wikipedia, don’t you? Of course we all know that the city council is far from non-partisan. To be specific, I was making fun of the Janesville Gazette and an article they ran on the city council. We are discussing the judge's race. Russ Steeber? What's he doing in this conversation?

DISTRACTION #6 Emotional "Buzz Words" That Have Nothing to Do With the Judges Race

"Yuri and Sam" are EXTREME LIBERALS? Scary music. Cold chills. Terror in the heart. Are Sam and Yuri contestants for Rock County Judge? No. The correct answer is no.

Are they ~~Extreme Liberals~~? No. They are two very nice young men who are candidates for the 44th Assembly seat. Why is Anonymous discussing this?

Nothing to do with Jack Hoag. Unless the writer is implying Ms. McCrory is an extreme liberal?

Is Anonymous savvy enough to be telling my readers that people who just hate/fear/loathe liberals should vote for Ms. McCrory in this NON-PARTISAN election? Or against Ms. McCrory? Nah, I don’t think anonymous is that savvy.


Nothing to do with the judges race--unless Anonymous is implying that the judges race is a STEPPING STONE for Ms. McCrory? Where to? Wisconsin Supreme Court? Who is Anonymous and where does he get his intel? I did not know this!

More shocking words meant to emotionally disable the reader: LAZY LIBERAL SYNDROME! People who want SOMETHING FOR NOTHING. ~~~~~Hands shaking on the keyboard!~~~~~

I have looked high and low for these evil looters--and, have never found one. Not. A. Single. One.

Is this a BUZZ WORD CONTEST? “Everything for nothing.” “Big business hates the average joe.” “Lazy Liberal Syndrome.” “Silver Platter.”

Wait a minute? Guess what I heard? I heard that YOU, Mr. Anonymous are on Joe Knilans Re-Election Campaign Committee and your post isn’t even about the judges race at all. I heard these crazy non-sequiturs are all about knocking 2 of Joe Knilans Democratic opponents for the 44th Assembly Seat: current Janesville City Council members Yuri Rashkin and Sam Liebert!

And, Christ on a cracker, Anonymous, no one who can read would believe that you have ever been a liberal voter or even an independent. Sheeeesh!

Anonymous, Wing Nuts, General Everyday Republicans—I love you all. It is easy to do. But, you are not special. We all work hard. Yes, shocked though you may be: Democrats. Work. Hard. At real jobs. Even in the private sector. We work to be the best that we can be. We believe in standing on our own 2 feet. We put in more than our fair share to help our fellow employees and our employers. We work at unskilled labor, skilled labor, management, professions, hair-styling, and even teaching. Many of us have obtained more and achieved more than we ever dreamed possible—and want the same opportunities for everyone.

None of this has anything to do with the Rock County Circuit Court Judge Election--and, nothing to do with my Love Letter! I think Anonymous wants his own blog—attention hog!

Or…Attention Deficit Disorder? Anonymous, you must learn to focus! Take your medication.

DISTRACTION #7 Your Personal Story.

Anonymous, while I am very happy for your accomplishments, for your very lucky conservative employers, for the fact that you are more intelligent than other people, for your superior wit and humor, for your obvious moral superiority over the less fortunate who need help in life, for the pain of arguing with a mere woman (who, of course, knows she is wrong when she argues with such a superior being as you), for your unique ability to have learned through your journey through life (because, God knows, female liberals never struggle or work for the private sector or learn from the journey through life)...

What are you saying and what does it have to do with the judges race?

There, that is all the attention you get! Get your own column! I want my own radio show!

I maintain that Jack Hoag is the most qualified candidate. I am not impressed by distractions. I only hope my support doesn't hurt his candidacy!

Now, honestly, I love everyone! I really, really do. Keep in touch.

Your friend, Vivian

PS Please message me. I want some free stuff from your employer as I am not one of the many unintelligent people who don't want free stuff. Thanks for reading!


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  2. I am torn, I do not want to appear as one of those extreme lazy liberals who want everything for nothing handed to them on a silver platter, but nor do I want to be one of the unintelligent people that don't take the free stuff that anonymous' employer offers to me. Whatever should I do?

    1. Dear Random Chick, I know, right? It's a tough decision...Love, Vivian