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Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Rich and Powerful

Dear Rich and Powerful People Pulling the Strings:

No, not YOU--you're a local business owner and you don't make enough money for Charlie Sheen to get high on. Not YOU, either--you're middle class and you cannot even afford a deluxe cardiac transplant out-of-pocket. Sheesh, not YOU--poor people aren't living off you; you are the poor people and don't know it, yet!

[Why do we have all of these ordinary folks vigorously defending and worrying about the wealthy and powerful? Do they mistakenly think they are wealthy--or that they are going to become wealthy by some mysterious force of nature or state lottery some day? NEWS FLASH: You are MUCH more likely to become poor! Hope I didn't hurt your feelings.]

I want to love the really, really rich and really, really powerful. I really, really do. But, this might be too much for even me. Besides, I don't even know you! Let's date first. Dinner at 8?

Loving my next door neighbor friendly sincerely genuine believing fiscally conservative old-fashioned Republican is easy--misguided though s/he may be. I just love enlightening misguided people--don't you?

There are 2 entirely different sets/groups of people on the right and I think my neighbor is being taken for a ride by the Republican wizardship--err, LEADERSHIP.

There is the LEADERSHIP--many of whom are the super-wealthy, super-powerful behind the scenes people whose names we might not even know--or they might have names like, oh, say "Koch." They sit on boards and own major shares in companies like...oil companies. They go hunting and shoot each other in the face and don't report it until the BAC goes down--I'm just making s@#$ up here now.

They have one goal only: power=money.

Some of them are politicians and some politicians are being used by them. They want to destroy government--everything that isn't absolutely necessary. They are willing and happy to live in a 3rd world country because they are not stuck here or anywhere and they make the rules.

The Governemt is The People. Destroying the government destroys the people and leaves despots and corporations in power.

The LEADERSHIP use all kinds of tools to manipulate their followers--the LEMMINGS--and racism is one of the tools. It is just another tool. Religion is a tool. Sexism is a tool. Classism and hatred of the poor is a tool. Homophobia is a tool. Anti-intellectualism and fear of science is a tool that very intelligent educated Republican leaders use to manipulate their ignorant and uneducated followers.

LEMMINGS are easily manipulated.

So, we have fearful, nationalistic, homophobic, racist, evangelistic,
anti-intellectual, science-hating,ignoramous LEMMINGS following leaders whose
only goal is money=power and whose means is destroying all government programs
except the military.

We have our own small town, small time Rock County Republican political leaders who are collateral damage in this war on government and The People and don't even know it. They believe their own rhetoric!

I hate to even say the word, but when government & political leaders join forces with
corporations, the result is fascism. Political power+financial power=fascism. OK, I won't say the "F" word again.

Someone tell me I am wrong!

I don't think this is a massive conspiracy--it is just that money and power are powerfully attracted to each other and they multiply like roaches in dark places. They are a cancer--their only goal is to reproduce and grow. The only goal of power is more power. The only goal of wealth is more wealth. The ONLY goal of a corporation is to turn a profit.

The consolidation of money and power will always be the enemy of democracy. WE the PEOPLE are the solution. I'm up for a good rousing fight--you?

Your friend,



  1. A great article on the "marriage" between evangelicals and the Republican Party.

  2. Took me time to read all the comments, but I really love the article. It proved to be very helpful to me and I am sure to all the commenters here!